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Knitted: Honey Cowl

Knitted: Honey Cowl

Mustard has an abundance of personalty, both on a hot dog and around your neck.

Recently, I finished knitting the Honey Cowl in an electrifying shade of orangey yellow.


Honey Cowl Madeline Tosh


The reasons for my choice are twofold:

1. Mustard looks good against my navy blue coat.

2. This choice enables me to eat sloppy hot dogs and drip mustard all over my scarf with ZERO CONSEQUENCES.      right…..?

Pattern: Honey Cowl by Madeline Tosh

Yarn: Madeline Tosh DK in “candlewick”

Ravelry page here.

4 thoughts on “Knitted: Honey Cowl”

  • I hope that is ‘English Mustard’ – preferably Colman’s – to go with the Lewes coat of arms on your pin! 😉 A bit blurry but I spotted it as my home town. I now reside in Nova Scotia (having found my way here via NB and Vancouver Island) but get back to Sussex when funds permit.

    • Russell, what a great eye you have! I always wear the Lewes coat of arms in the hopes that someday someone will recognize it but I’m afraid it hasn’t happened yet – at least, not in person. 🙂
      Do you frequent a pub when you get back to Lewes? I was a barmaid in the Brewers Arms on High Street for a while, and I always go back there. Say hello for me if you happen to get over before I do!

  • I rarely went in the Brewers – nothing against it but it just wasn’t one of my hang-outs. I went there for pool tournaments when I was playing and a works Christmas party once but that would have been in the 90’s. In my early drinking years my regular haunts were The King’s Head and The Swan at each end of Southover High Street. I grew up on St James Street, opposite Southover Church, living with my Gran. My Gran’s friend was the landlady of The Swan and the landlord and landlady of The King’s Head were the parents of a good friend of mine from school days. I was always welcome in both of those pubs but had to behave…. Later The Pelham Arms, up in the High Street became the ‘in’ place to go. When I visit since my move to Canada in 2007 I usually go to The King’s Head and Swan for old times sake but they both have different tenants nowadays. I like the White Hart for lunchtime food and a drink and I usually head out to Kingston village for a meal at The Juggs, too. Along with many other country pubs around East Sussex. Can’t beat an English country pub beer garden in the sunshine! You will likely get back there before me – my travel funds are a bit depleted since moving to Nova Scotia from New Brunswick this year. Next year would be nice but realistically it’s more likely to be 2016. Have to fit in a visit to Comox on Vancouver Island to see my wife’s family sometime next year as well – better start buying lottery tickets, the way air fares are going…

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