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Knitted: Varsity Sweater

Knitted: Varsity Sweater

The varsity sweater: peer of the poodle skirt, wholesome, All-American and fun. It’s the quintessential 1950s teen look (see pic below, which I will translate to: “I can’t believe I’m wearing his sweater! Jeez Louise, when’s the last time he washed this thing, it’s a little ripe…but no mind. We’re going all the way at the Drive-In tonight for sure.”).

The Varsity – or “Letterman” – sweater was a status symbol that indicated the wearer had achieved some level of excellence in a school activity.

Traditionally, the letter referenced your school. However, when I saw the opportunity to knit my own fake varsity sweater I decided to be a little more narcissistic, like Joan here: 

I think this pattern, by Andi Satterlund, is super boss. You can make your sweater in any colour combination that you fancy – reinvent your high school experience why dontcha, especially if it involved mean girls elbowing you in the stomach on the first day of school (yep).

Retro School Sweater A to Z Cardigan knitting Andi Satterlund

After swaying back and forth, I suppressed my urge to do something crazy and went with the versatile black and white Andi modelled in her original. The monograms are included in the pattern as well, so no need to fear your “R” will come out looking like an ink stain.

Pattern: From A to Z by Andi Satterlund

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in “Cloud” and Black

Ravelry page here.

4 thoughts on “Knitted: Varsity Sweater”

  • Wow, that looks great. I came across your site while looking for knitting blogs. I started knitting about the same time as you did (with the usual scarves and hats and hats and scarves), but you’re flying ahead and making me jealous. I’m still struggling with my first cardigan. But seeing Joan so happy in her knitted cardie has given me some much needed motivation. I too will one day look as good as you and Joan in my homemade cardigan. One day… Thanks for posting; I love seeing what you’ve made.

    • Ha! We’re the Joan fan club! I’m sure you will finish your cardigan soon! I’ve had lots of ups and downs with my knitting too, I think I knitted like four sleeves on this thing. 🙂

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