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ModCloth Monday: Bloomin’ Cute Floral Summer Dresses

ModCloth Monday: Bloomin’ Cute Floral Summer Dresses

I wasn’t born yesterday (my detailed knowledge of Degrassi Junior High is proof), but whenever Spring rolls around, I swear I’m experiencing it for the very first time.

(p.s. Speaking of Spring rolling around, I also ate a spring roll last night – coincidence? Anyway, enough about greasy appetizers, things are seriously derailing here….)

The riot of colour, the waft of natural perfume on the breeze, the blizzard of petals – the overwhelming beauty of April in this city never fails to take me by surprise. And the sheer renewal is just so invigorating.

Maybe it’s this seasonal upswing that makes me want to join the blossom show – or maybe I’m just a cheeseball on the inevitable path to wearing a huge doily – but these floral summer dresses are catching my eye today:

1. Just in Timeless Dress in Blossoms

2. Your Inner Flowerista Dress

3. The Pennsylvania Polka Dress

How ’bout you? Are you flouncing around in a floral dress yet?

1 thought on “ModCloth Monday: Bloomin’ Cute Floral Summer Dresses”

  • Agreed there is nothing worse than going thearpy shopping and still finding nothing. I think i feel the same about leather, I see so many cute leather shorts/pants/skirts but I think I’d look totally crazy if I tried it. Don’t give up on finding a peplum the key is finding one that hits you in the right place. ModCloth has some great options!

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