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ModCloth Monday: Bloomin’ Cute Floral Summer Dresses

ModCloth Monday: Bloomin’ Cute Floral Summer Dresses

I wasn’t born yesterday (my detailed knowledge of Degrassi Junior High is proof), but whenever Spring rolls around, I swear I’m experiencing it for the very first time. (p.s. Speaking of Spring rolling around, I also ate a spring roll last night – coincidence? Anyway, enough about […]

Easy Peasy Welsh Cakes Recipe

Easy Peasy Welsh Cakes Recipe

Once upon a time, I walked alone through 47km of Wales. One of the brilliant things about walking and walking and walking is that you can follow it up by eating and eating and eating with NO GUILT. None! So, during this walk, I powered my legs […]

Knitted: Aiken Sweater

Knitted: Aiken Sweater

Even though it’s clearly moving away from sweater weather here on the west coast (*ducks from the snowballs the rest of Canada is throwing at her*), I was drawn in to Andi Satterlund‘s “Selfish Sweater Knit-a-long” this past month.

Aiken sweater knitting pattern by Andi Satterlund

Internet knit-a-longs by designers you like are pretty much like crack when you become a knitter. The second other knitters start posting pictures of their projects online or on Instagram, you feel like an outsider if you don’t join in. Yes, you could just lurk – but that’s akin to hanging out on the sidelines at the high school dance whilst everyone gets their slow dance on (been there, done that). You need IN on that action, man!

I made the Aiken sweater, which actually shows a daring amount of cleavage if you peer through the lace panel on the front. But it’s all, like, concealed in yarn so you can get away with it without seeming like a trashy ho.


This is how you feel when you finish knitting a sweater. Or when you get a black wine gum. ^^

Pattern: Aiken Sweater by Andi Satterlund

Yarn: Knit Picks Reverie in “Potion.”

Location: Beach Drive in Victoria, B.C.

Ravelry page here.