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Spicing Things Up at The London Chef in Victoria

Spicing Things Up at The London Chef in Victoria

As you might have suspected, cooking your own food from scratch is an essential component of “The Life Nostalgic.” But lest you should be seduced by all the cute imagery out there implying that retro goddesses only eat cakes and homemade jam, well….you best be loosening your apron strings! We’ve got to think about mains, too.

Cookbooks are a personal weakness and my go-to for inspiration. My all-time favourites are Jamie’s Food Revolution, Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course (re-branded in the US as “Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cooking”) and The Great British Book of Baking.

However, sometimes even maniacal cookbook enthusiasts need to emerge from their caves soak up some guidance from the real world. There’s a cookery school here in Victoria called The London Chef and, well, I don’t know if you noticed a theme in the cookbooks listed above, but let’s just say it seems unfathomable that I’d never been there until last week.

Enter my friend Sarah to make things right in the world. She treated myself and our besties Helga and Tasha to an Indian-themed “Lunch & Learn.” This is a fantastic concept – without wasting a precious second, The London Chef himself (Dan Hayes), whips up multiple dishes in less than 45 minutes and serves them with a side of education. A traditional cooking class this is not – the only utensil you’re touching is a fork.

Lunch & Learn suits both beginners (who want a hands-off introduction to cooking) and experienced home cooks (who just want to learn a few new tricks and don’t necessarily need a two hour course). Bonus: even if your signature dish is charcoal, you’ll be chowing down on a top-notch meal at Lunch & Learn.

Lunch & Learn at The London Chef is $28.50. The next class is June 17 and the theme is Tuscany. Click here to see the calendar.

2 thoughts on “Spicing Things Up at The London Chef in Victoria”

  • The London Chef is one of the culinary (and community) highlights of Victoria. I did a cooking class there a few years back, but lunch was a stand-out. Sitting down at that big honking communal lunch-table with locals, perfect way to experience a West Coast City. Definite thumbs-up.

    • Hi Doug, thank you for commenting, and so glad you agree that The London Chef is a great stop for both locals AND tourists! And by the way, your gravatar is so adorable, I just love your props!

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