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Create Curate 1 (Connecting Inspired Victoria Bloggers)

Create Curate 1 (Connecting Inspired Victoria Bloggers)

Blogging: I could blather on about it for hours. This became apparent when I met fellow Victoria blogger Tan Rutley last year. Instead of relying on the weather or Don Draper’s latest escapades to fuel the conversation (can you believe Sally caught him in the […]

A Fascinator of My Own

A Fascinator of My Own

Slowly but surely, hats and fascinators seem to be making their way back onto modern noggins. Once an essential part of daily fashion, with the exception of baseball caps and winter headgear, they were relegated to the dress-up bin by the time I was growing […]

Adventures in Upholstery: Foam, Sweet Foam

Adventures in Upholstery: Foam, Sweet Foam

Usually, you’d call someone a “bad girl” because they had stripped.

But this week I was naughty because I failed to strip. My chairs. For the upholstery class.

(I just lost a bunch of readers, didn’t I?)

Upholstery 3 Seat

Anyhow, it’s week two of the upholstery class at The Makehouse. Last week, I was sent away with the task of stripping and staining my 1960s dining room chairs, but I wasn’t able to complete the assignment in time so I returned with only these plywood seats.

Nevermind, it was enough to proceed with the next step: FOAM.

Upholstery 3 Alia

Some of the class members weren’t quite ready for foam and this made them angry, indeed.

Of course they have nicer chairs than I do so the joke’s ultimately on me.

Upholstery 3 Miro

I nearly fell out of my chair when I learned the cost of foam, only I wasn’t sitting on one because it had no seat. Instructor Miro, who is cutting my foam with this fearsome tool that can supposedly “cut through bone”, said the roll of foam he purchased for the class set him back $250. Say wha?! Yes, my four-pack of foam squares is going to cost roughly $80.

Admittedly, I have undervalued foam in the past. Picked at it until it was nothing but a pile of foamy crumbs. Thrown it away with disdain.

Never again. Now I respect foam.

I did test the foam and it was remarkably comfortable. And to think that I’ve suffered through 3-hour meals without this calibre of foam! (foam snob in the making)
Upholstery 3 Chair

Other chairs didn’t have removable plywood seats like mine, so they drew their pattern like so.

Upholstery 3 Weed

Not everything inside our chairs was fit for the dumpster – these guys are saving that weird organic matter they found hiding in their chair last week. It will go beneath their foam for extra butt padding/contouring.

Upholstery 3 Velvet

Next week some of us will be busting out the fabric. But before these chairs can get dressed, they need to get incredibly naked.

*cue “Sexual Healing”*