Garage Sale Geekery: The Long-Awaited Cabinet

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by Life Nostalgic on June 16, 2014

I am not a superstitious person, but sometimes it’s good fun to briefly imagine that a thing, a chance meeting or an event was orchestrated by some higher power just for you.

As the inheritor of my mom’s tea set (Royal Albert’s Lavender Rose, for anyone who gives a whatever), I’ve been searching for a china cabinet for yonks. I’ve seen some come and go at the auction, I’ve trawled our local digi-yard sale, Used Victoria, over and over. But I was a commitment-phobe.


The space reserved for this cabinet remained empty for over two years. Even worse, the poor tea set remained eternally captive, just like Rapunzel, suffocated in stinky newspapers from 2008.

Then, all at once, everything changed. On Saturday, I came across the sweetest little blue retro cabinet at a garage sale. It took all of 30 seconds for me to decide to cram it into the back of my car. After years of hemming and hawing, I just knew that the almighty furniture gods had finally decided to quash my indecision. Consumer patience – it pays off.

Did this same divine intervention apply to my purchase of two used soaker hoses for the garden? Who knows, man. Who knows…


Knitted: Flax Pullover

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by Life Nostalgic on June 3, 2014

So here’s the thing: I knitted something that shrouds a part of the body that requires covering by law (in some countries). We’re talking actual clothing here, not hats or mitts or scarves. A SWEATER, baby!

Tin Can Knits Flax Pullover Sweater

Last June, when I was fighting with (what felt like) sticks and knots and swearing at completely innocent yarn, I wouldn’t have believed that I’d be wearing my own sweater just one year later. Knitting anything in a shape other than “abstract” seemed completely impossible.

I credit three things for the birth of this sweater:

  1.  Persistence
  2.  Coaching and non-judgement from my knitting group
  3. Tin Can Knits Simple Collection

Tin Can Knits Flax Pullover Sweater

The Flax Pullover is a sporty top for the sweater virgin that you can knit for women, men and children. It’s mostly a straightforward stockinette stitch with a garter panel on the sleeve to add some interest.

I love the Superman-blue colour I chose (in Cascade 220), but it’s not perfect. My beef with the sweater is that it’s a bit big. I did a gauge swatch and chose a medium but for whatever reason it’s still too generous. Although it would be an ego boost to claim that I should go down a size, I ain’t no small and that’s a fact. I can only hope that as my knitting skills increase, I’ll learn how to ensure a better fit. It is almost certainly my own goof-up.

That said, my next sweater – which is already in progress – is going to be SCANDALOUSLY tight. Seriously, my Barbie doll might ask to borrow it.