Joys of Jell-O: Hawaiian Jell-O Dessert

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by Life Nostalgic on April 17, 2014

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Joys of Jello BookWelcome nostalgics, to the latest edition of “Joys of Jell-O, ” in which I put together ridiculously easy desserts from a discoloured Jell-O cookbook I found at a garage sale.

Once again, Jell-O has delighted my tastebuds with a delicious concoction that takes all of four minutes to assemble. Either I have a dreadfully unsophisticated palate or we’re all underestimating this magic powder. Either way, you’re going to spend less than you’d pay for a Starbucks latte on this, so why not give it a go?

This Hawaiian Jell-O Dessert is essentially Jell-O mixed with pineapple, milk and almond extract. The texture was gelatinous (as you’d expect and desire) but the fruit gave it more legs. You can just tell that there is something real in this dessert.

easy Hawaiian Jell-O Dessert


  1. Drain pineapple, reserving 3/4 cup syrup or juice (if you don’t get 3/4 cup liquid out of your can, just top up with water).
  2. Bring syrup to a boil. Add Jell-O, stirring until gelatin dissolves.
  3. Combine pineapple and milk in a blender. Blend well.
  4. Add gelatin mixture, extract and ice to the blender. Blend again.
  5. Pour into dessert dishes. Chill until set, about 1 hour.
  6. Garnish with whipped cream if you desire.

easy Hawaiian Jell-O Dessert

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Knitted: Graham Slouchy Mens Hat

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by Life Nostalgic on April 5, 2014

As soon as I became capable of knitting a cranium-cozy for myself, I knew that I couldn’t have Billy strutting around town in an ill-fitting, machine-made toque. I couldn’t bear the shame.

After several in-depth interviews that involved diagrams, electrodes and complex mathematical calculations, it became clear that Billy wanted a hat that was a) slouchy b) masculine c) grey.

Slouchy knitted Graham Hat for men

And so the pattern was downloaded (Graham Hat by Jennifer Adams – free!), the yarn was bought (Berroco Ultra Alpaca) and the stitches were worked. I’m happy to report that Billy’s smitten and I’ve even caught him wearing it at his computer where there is no chance of windchill.