Retro School Sweater A to Z Cardigan knitting Andi Satterlund

Knitted: Varsity Sweater

The varsity sweater: peer of the poodle skirt, wholesome, All-American and fun. It’s the quintessential 1950s teen look (see pic below, which I will translate to: “I can’t believe I’m wearing his sweater! Jeez Louise, when’s the last time he washed this thing, it’s a little ripe…but no mind. We’re going all the way at the Drive-In tonight for sure.”).

The Varsity – or “Letterman” – sweater was a status symbol that indicated the wearer had achieved some level of excellence in a school activity.

Traditionally, the letter referenced your school. However, when I saw the opportunity to knit my own fake varsity sweater I decided to be a little more narcissistic, like Joan here: 

I think this pattern, by Andi Satterlund, is super boss. You can make your sweater in any colour combination that you fancy – reinvent your high school experience why dontcha, especially if it involved mean girls elbowing you in the stomach on the first day of school (yep).

Retro School Sweater A to Z Cardigan knitting Andi Satterlund

After swaying back and forth, I suppressed my urge to do something crazy and went with the versatile black and white Andi modelled in her original. The monograms are included in the pattern as well, so no need to fear your “R” will come out looking like an ink stain.

Pattern: From A to Z by Andi Satterlund

Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in “Cloud” and Black

Ravelry page here.


Out of the Closet: Confectioner’s Dream Dress

It’s not every day that you stumble upon a secret meadow full of flowers (or maybe some people do, if so please forward your longitude/latitude), but when Billy and I found this magical place we knew we had to rush back before these purple flowers turned geriatric and limp.


Silly still from our pitch video.

It just so happened that we needed to shoot some scenes for a pitch video we’re making for a music video grant. The location was a no-brainer; we rushed back to the magic meadow with our camera and were delighted to find that no steamrollers had ploughed through the area in the interim.

Confectioner's Dream Retro Dress ModCloth

In the pitch video, I wore the Confectioner’s Dream Dress from ModCloth, and we decided to be opportunistic and take a few extra snaps for The Life Nostalgic. The dress, with its Peter Pan collar and soft polka dots, is all yesteryear sweetness, which is what I’m all about on this here blog.

Confectioner's Dream Retro Dress ModCloth

Toward the end of our stay in the meadow, the clouds turned ominous. To my astonishment, I found myself falling down a rabbit hole shortly after this next picture was taken, and the cries of the Jujub bird seemed to mock me from above. Thankfully, I emerged unscathed – not a single bandersnatch bite!

Confectioner's Dream Retro Dress ModCloth

ModCloth Monday Floral Summer vintage Retro Dress

ModCloth Monday: Bloomin’ Cute Floral Summer Dresses

I wasn’t born yesterday (my detailed knowledge of Degrassi Junior High is proof), but whenever Spring rolls around, I swear I’m experiencing it for the very first time.

(p.s. Speaking of Spring rolling around, I also ate a spring roll last night – coincidence? Anyway, enough about greasy appetizers, things are seriously derailing here….)

The riot of colour, the waft of natural perfume on the breeze, the blizzard of petals – the overwhelming beauty of April in this city never fails to take me by surprise. And the sheer renewal is just so invigorating.

Maybe it’s this seasonal upswing that makes me want to join the blossom show – or maybe I’m just a cheeseball on the inevitable path to wearing a huge doily – but these floral summer dresses are catching my eye today:

1. Just in Timeless Dress in Blossoms

2. Your Inner Flowerista Dress

3. The Pennsylvania Polka Dress

How ’bout you? Are you flouncing around in a floral dress yet?